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Clio Hui, also known as Kiri, is a self taught local artist. She has been very passionate about anime and manga. Inspired by her favorite manga artist, Masashi Kishimoto (author of Naruto), Kiri desires to write her own manga.

Her original “A Deal With Lucifer” pilot comic was first published as a one-shot comic in Pura Comixmag #05 in 2014. It is currently being serialised on Pura Comixmag. The first volume of “A Deal With Lucifer”, which consists of 4 chapters and additional bonus pages, was first released and published in December 2015 by TCZ Studio.

She won 2 awards in the National Day Banner Design Competition organized by the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts in 2011.

In 2015, she also produced “Time Destination: SG50” which is published in “Our Months Together”, a SG50 comic anthology which consists of 12 different stories done by 12 different artists. In conjunction with Singapore’s 50th Anniversary, a print run of 50,000 free copies of this book are being distributed across the island.


SAI, Photoshop


  • National Day Banner Design Competition 2011 (2 awards)


  • A Deal With Lucifer (Ongoing Series)
  • Time Destination: SG50 (Published in “Our Months Together”, a SG50 comic anthology)

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