Warning: This page contains write ups on the characters from A Deal With Lucifer. Spoilers ahead!

Main Characters:

profile_hikariAshikaga Hikari

The protagonist of “A Deal with Lucifer”, who formed a contract with Lucifer to gain popularity in school. Thereafter, he also gained superior athletic power and the power to read one’s mind(which can only be used once) from Lucifer to gain the favor of his father. It was revealed that he faced a strained relationship with his father since his birth.

profile_luciLucifer Cepheus

A demon who contracted with Hikari following orders from the Hellord. She is a fallen angel who is adopted by the Hellord after she is abandoned by God. Her real motive is unknown at the moment but she has protected Hikari during Mephisto’s attack and expended her demonic powers to save Hikari.

Abilities currently revealed: Lightning Lance of Chaos, Angel Strike, Ultima Fenix de Salvation

profile_lilithLilith Baskerville

Being the daughter of the Southern Duke of Hell, Amon Baskerville, Lilith is a pure demon who looks down on other classes of demons like Lucifer (who was previously an angel). She joined Hikari’s class as a transferred student and tried to test Hikari’s powers.

Abilities currently revealed: Aerostorm, Mammoth Tornado

profile_tomaInoue Toma

A human sorcerer from the Exorcism Council, joined the Mikasa Senior High School which Hikari is attending as a new teacher. He tried to kidnap Hikari and was stopped by Lucifer. Upon discovering that Hikari is able to use magic, he was ordered to stop his mission and was summoned back to the Exorcism Council.

Abilities currently revealed: Usage of magic cards – Demonic magic nullification card, teleportation card, holy wrath card

profile_mephistoMephisto Nightray

One of the few who knew about Hikari’s hidden powers. He attacked Hikari and broke the seal on Hikari, thereafter stealing Hikari’s hidden powers and fled.

Abilities currently revealed: Berserker Claws of Hell


a deal with lucifer michael cepheusMichael Cepheus

An Archangel. He is also the Lord of Angels.

a deal with lucifer edos cepheus

Edos Cepheus

Also known as The Heavenly One. He is the current Ruler of Heaven.

a deal with lucifer cain nightray

Cain Nightray

Also known as Hell Lord. He is the current Ruler of Hell.

a deal with lucifer zero


A demon who reports to Hell Lord.

a deal with lucifer scarlet ash

Scarlet Ash

A demon who works for Mephisto.

profile_asuraAshikaga Asura

Hikari’s father, is an ordinary human who has been cold towards Hikari since his birth. However, their relationship has improved after the incident which Mephisto attacked Hikari.


Hikari’s mother, is a demon. In order to stop pursuers from targeting Hikari after his birth, she sacrificed her life to place a seal on Hikari to lock and hide his powers.

demonunknownAmon Baskerville

Lilith’s father, is the Southern Duke of Hell. His love for her daughter has turned her into a spoilt brat who likes to go down to the human world and create trouble.