A Deal With Lucifer (恶魔的契约) – A high fantasy manga series

A Deal With Lucifer (恶魔的契约) was first published as a one-shot manga in Pura Comixmag #05 in 2014. It is currently being serialised on Pura Comixmag.


Hikari is a seemingly normal high school student. His innocent and naive character led him to accept a deal offered by a demon called Lucifer, who promised to fulfil all his wishes in exchange for his soul. Initially unknown to him, he is actually inherently anything but ordinary; he is a being who is capable of disrupting the mysterious balance of the three realms and his life will be relentlessly pursued.

Author: Clio Hui Kiri (Story & Art)

Status: Onging

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Demons, Action

Year of Release: 2015

Language: English / Chinese

Currently released: Vol 1 (Chapter 1 to 4 with exclusive character design and bonus pages), Vol 2 (Chapter 5 to 8 with exclusive character design pages), Vol 3 (Chapter 9 to 12 with exclusive character design pages)

A Deal With Lucifer comic is available for purchase from TCZ Studio.

First 5 chapters are available for online reading at Pura Comixmag.

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